Ariella Rotstein Gille

Always driven by a dedication to start something new with organizational cultural change as a central part, Ariella’s achievements include the initiation and implementation from scratch of various new services and roles. These include the introduction of the Private Label Brand Manager role at the ICA Group, the launch of ICA's I love eco product range and of Afound, one of H&M’s new retail concept chains. Ariella has vast experience of digital marketing, branding and business development.

Now back at ICA, she is working at the ICAx innovation hub, where she is one of the people in charge of the innovation journey that the retailer is embarking on. Dedicated to promoting a culture of innovation, ICAx is experimenting with, exploring, and creating new business opportunities for the Group, not least by formulating a new, broader agenda for start-ups. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen and boost the Group’s development and competitiveness.

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